Friday, May 29, 2009

New Traveling Mascara (but not "traveling" in a bad way)

A quick update before dinner:

So, I'm at a three-day-long conference, a mere two hours from my home. I pack my suitcase the night before I have to go, and leave out my makeup and toothbrush where I can find them in the morning to use in the morning and then throw in my bag. Of course, when I wake up late and have to dash out the door, I completely forget all of it. Because I'm awesome.

Unfortunately, I have to make a detour to a mechanic when I near my destination, and one new muffler pipe later, I realize that... aha! the mechanic is next to the drug store! I run into the friendly local Rite Aid, grab a toothbrush, figure that I should at least wear some mascara to go along with my suit-separates and the lipstick that, just for occasions like this, never leaves my purse. Mascara is a must-wear for me, because my eyelashes are so blond they're practically transparent. I do want to look like a professional adult at this conference, not a ghost.

I'm pretty loyal to my simple Neutrogena Weightless Volume wax-free mascara, but this particular Rite Aid didn't have any Neutrogena makeup. I decided this was my opportunity to try something I wouldn't normally use day-to-day. Plus, I didn't have my eyelash curler and wasn't about to buy a new one just for this weekend, so I made the foray into the self-curling mascara department.

I think I totally lucked out. Not only does Maybelline's Sky High Curves mascara actually curl your lashes -- and keep them curled all day -- even when you have to walk across a college campus in the rain to get to the dining hall or your dorm room! BUT it also was on sale for $1.79. There was no sale sign, it just rang up that way at the register. A $7 mascara for less than $2! Sure! Also, did I mention that it works? Because it does! Really well! Not clumpy, not obnoxiously "lengthening" or "voluminizing" (both code words for "clumpy but you pay extra for it"), just a nice clean black mascara... that works in a pinch when you don't have a lash curler.

Guess my travel bag has one more permanent fixture!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well, I've been using Benefit's Benetint lately for blush. It's a red liquid that comes with a nail-polish like brush. You brush it on your cheeks and then blend before it dries. It's subtle but there and I really like it. It looks completely natural.

I can't decide if I like it $28 worth though. The big draw for me is that it's also lip stain. I had just been applying it with the brush, even though I just see that it's supposed to go on under my lipstick and applying with a cotton swab (won't I then get a mouth full of cotton?) Anyway... I'm not a fan of it plain. It dries my lips and worse yet, makes them look dry. Red, but dry. And it doesn't last. I'll have to try it as a lipstick base. Hmmmm.

But, it does smell and taste like roses. Yum.