Friday, June 20, 2008

Aveda Hair Update

I'm still torn on how I feel about Aveda's Madder Root shampoo/conditioner.

On one hand, I've been getting a million compliments about the color. Every day someone asks me if I've dyed my hair. (Nope! Just the shampoo/conditioner!) And the color has gotten less eggplant-y as I've been alternating conditioners (with Redken's All Soft Conditioner, which makes my hair a little heavier than the Heavy Cream does...)

So, my hair looks FANTASTIC.

But... on the other hand...

The staining has gotten worse. Usually, I just have to wash my hands a few times and my fingernails stop being pink (I do soap up my hands as soon as I've put the conditioner in...)

But... it's hard to do that on my scalp, which is sometimes pink (no one's commented, but I'll just tell them I sunburned it)

And finally... y'all know I shower and then go to bed. The neckline of my pajamas (right where my wet hair sits) is now pink. Grrrrrrr...

So, where I really like how it looks, when I'm done, I'll probably go back the All Soft Heavy Cream for conditioning. The dying seems to be more with the conditioner than the shampoo, so we'll see what my color does then!

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