Monday, March 24, 2008

What's in your wallet?

Or purse? Or desk?

What, product wise, do you travel with?

My messenger bag contains the following:
Burts Bees Lip Balm
Hand Lotion
3 Burts Bees Lipshimmers in (Nutmeg, Coffee, Merlot)
1 CoverGirl lipslicks

My desk contains:
Burts Bees Cuticle cream
Various lotions and hand sanitizers
Assorted lip balms and chapsticks
2 Burts Bees Lipshimmers (Coffee and Merlot)
Emory boards

If I'm going out, I'll grab a small mirror and whatever lip color I'm wearing.

What do you carry with you?


HolyKnitter said...

Lotion! One of those purse-sized (2.5 oz., perfect for airplanes) Aveeno lotions, usually.

Also, I never leave the house without my Vaseline Lip Therapy stuff. I've got two in my purse, one in my car, at least one in my laptop bag, several in various coat pockets, one next to my spot on the couch, one on my bedside table, a few tucked away in the bathroom...

I've also got various lipsticks and glosses, but I seldom wear them for day, and somehow I've missed the keeping-a-mirror-in-your-purse thing, which makes application opportunities hazardous and limited.

But I've always got floss, spare change, tampons, and three different headache remedies!

poetloverrebelspy said...

You'll find in my everyday purse:
+ a tin of solid lotion bar (so that I don't have to switch it out when I travel)
+ lip balm -- these days alternating between Labello (German brand), Burts Bees and a ChapIce I discovered in my Lip Smacker stash while home for Christmas
+ hand sanitizer
+ mini spray deodorant
+ a small tin of Nivea creme for dry cuticles (and, if you want to be German, lips too)
+ nail file
+ mini mirror

The gym bag has:
+ cheapo shampoo
+ generic T-Gel shampoo
+ conditioning leave-in treatment
+ body wash
+ foot brush and pumice stone
+ generic lotion
+ body butter
+ hair gel
+ mousse
+ comb
+ razor
+ lip balm
+ deodorant

My travel bag has:
+ tin of solid lotion bar
+ tin of solid shampoo
+ bar of soap
+ travel bottles of T-Gel and conditioner
+ travel-sized mousse
+ hair gel
+ sunscreen
+ rouge stick
+ astringent
+ toothpaste
+ toothbrush
+ razor
+ deodorant
+ nail clipper
+ tweezers
+ small scissors
+ large mirror
+ foot brush and pumice stone
+ everything that has to be moved over from my purse to go through security

You asked!!!