Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kiss My ooh la la.

Kiss My Face isn't permanently inducted into my Beautifying Hall of Fame quite yet, but two products they make have become serious favorites of mine.

One big dislike: they have zero label chic. Pea-soup green is so eco-1998, Kiss My Face! It has the aesthetic quality of a bottle of sunscreen from Rite Aid!

However, what they lack in design they make up for in name fun: Kiss My Face! Face My Kiss! My Kiss Face! My Face Kiss! And so on, and so on. As you can imagine, I had about a million naughty ideas for the title of this blog post.

Then I saw a picture of the founders, whom (prejudiced as I am) I had thought were women.

Mais non

You can read their story here.

A little bit "you can kiss my face anytime, guys," right?

(Okay, maybe it's the skin care equivelent of beer goggles, and maybe the one on the left looks a little bit like Ben Affleck with curly hair, and maybe I dislike Ben Affleck, but still.)

Kiss My Face makes a truly excellent moisturizing shave lotion that you should try. It's very creamy and rich and leaves your legs feeling satiny and fabulous after you shave them.

I was given Vanilla Earth as a gift. I'm not especially a vanilla-scented type of girl, but luckily this lotion is by no means agressive and fades nicely. If you are a vanilla-scent girl, I think you'll really enjoy it. Next time, I'll probably pick Lavender or Key Lime, two more options.

Kiss My Face excels at giving you plenty of fragrance free options, too, so you people who, as my mother says, "just want something to smell like nothing for once!" will be satisfied, as well.

And did you check out the price? Seven bucks for 11 oz. I think that's pretty good.

On to product number two:

Natural Liquid Rock Roll-On Deodorant!

A mouthful, I know. I can't remember where I picked this up, but I'm sure it was a conventional grocery store and it was an impulse buy. I really, really like it. It works like a charm and it was only marginally more expensive than conventional, crappier deodorants I have known.

This is not an anti-perspirant, so if you sweat heavily, you may not want to use this. For everyone who does a lot of desk-sitting during the average day like I do, this stuff is just perfect. Don't believe me and my crazy hippy underarm talk? Check out the reviews at drugstore.com! Then go buy yourself some in, say, Peaceful Patchouli.

I'm hoping especially that you, HolyKnitter, will give it a try and end your natural deodorant travails! If you don't like it, well you can just Kiss My...heheheh. I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Let me know what you think, dear readers!


Jennie said...

I used to love their Chinese Botanical moisturizer, but then my skin changed and it no longer had the same mojo. Ah well.

HolyKnitter said...

Y'know, I have NEVER used roll-on deodorant. That's a whole new deodorant realm, and I'm feeling a little bit of trepidation about entering it. But in the interest of blog research? We'll see.

Natasha said...

Absolutely no problem if you decide to pass, of course. But if you do decide to try it, and like it, I'll be tickled!

Anonymous said...

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