Tuesday, October 16, 2007

These Boots Weren't Made for Walking

Cute shoes are rarely sensible.

In fact, the only time I wear really sensible shoes is when I'm on vacation and walking all over the place. But my feet aren't used to such support, so it's blister city. But what I am supposed to do? Climb the Great Wall in heels? I think not. (Even though I always see Europeans in super-cute super-unsensible shoes climbing tourist mountains and the like. WTF?!)

Anyway, after the mess that was my feet after three days of running around in Istanbul, I thought I'd try something out in China.

I would like to say that Band-Aid Blister Block is totally awesome. I don't understand the science behind it, because it goes on smooth and clear like lotion, but it keeps the blisters away! Since getting back, I've also used it with super cute flats when I didn't feel like wearing nylons. Last time I did that with those shoes, I cut the @!$# out of the back of my heels with all the blistering. Not this time. All nice and lovely and pain-free.

And it's a stick that goes on like lotion!!!! Clear! Not greasy!

That science is some amazing stuff.

I would, however, recommend reapplying every 8 hours, because it starts to wear off a bit.

And, I did get 2 tiny blisters in China (but I walked miles and miles for days and days and did things, like climb mountains, so it's to be expected) I used to the CVS generic of Blister Band-Aids. You can't take them off and they stick to your socks and are kinda gross. But! You can walk for tens of miles with blisters on the bottom of your pinky toe PAIN FREE. And I can put up with some gross sticky sock fuzz for that.

I spend a lot of time pampering my feet. Stay tuned for more.

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