Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Do you have beauty resolutions? I sure do!

1. Blog more on this space
2. Take more baths
3. Stop saving the good stuff for a special occasion. I have enough good stuff that "day ending in y" is now a special occasion.
4. Continue in my quest to look like a professional adult in professional adult contexts. (This means make up and jewelery and nice clothing and non-frizzy hair...)


Natasha said...

Happy New Year!

My beauty resolutions include:

1. Finally getting my hair cut, for crying out loud!

2. Finding a fabulous shampoo

3. Stopping chin pimples (mission impossible?)

Nora Rocket said...

Hey ladeez--a fine launch for Puffery in 2007 and I'm pumped about 2008. My least glamourous resolution is to stop, at this age of 28 & 1/2, picking at my sundry acne. I mean really, am I fourteen or what? My most glam resolution: integrate minor, low maintenance yet snazzy flourishes of makeup into my daily what not. Mainly, this is an excuse to buy more mascara.

HolyKnitter said...

My beauty resolution is to figure out some good day and night lip colors for me. I'm good with eyes (I tend to be an "eye gal" generally), but lately my nude lips have been looking a little...nude.