Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bath Time

It's the end of the school year, so the kids at work are stressed, and I'm a part time grad student, so I'm stressed.

This Sunday, after spending all day working on my research paper, it was time for a bath to relax a bit.

Now, I long for a full soaking tub. Preferably with feet. But I have the standard tub/shower duo that most people have that I can stretch my legs out in if I'm sitting up straight. Now, one thing I do to make the water a little deeper is to duct-tape the over-flow drain, so I can get a few extra inches of bath water.

Then, I dropped in an All That Jas bath bomb.

It smelled really nice (jasmine with a hint of vanilla-- nice for spring) and turned my bathwater a lovely shade of green. Also, it made my skin really soft and the smell lingered lightly for the rest of the evening. It was also blissfully free of glitter, flower petals, tea, confetti, or anything else that floats around and later clogs the drain.

This is going into rotation with Sex Bomb for my bath time standard.

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