Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stupid Solutions that Totally Work

So, one of the problems with solid shampoo is the same problem you get with a bar of soap-- when you get down to the end you have that little chunk that is too small to be useful but is still GOOD SOAP.

Through a long, yet boring, series of events, I had several pieces of the now-discontinued Retread, several too-small-to-use pieces. I was seriously wondering if melting them down to form 1 big piece would cause lasting damage to one of my pots when I got a different idea.

On the Lush forums, people often suggest putting a bath bomb in the toe of an old nylon to keep flower petals or glitter or something from getting all over your tub.

So, I took an old trouser sock (those ugly little nylons that only go up to your knee that I hate, but I'll be damned if I'm wearing a full set of panty hose just so I can wear most of my shoes with trousers) ANYWAY! I took one, stuck all the little bits of shampoo in it, and tied of the end and cut off the excess, so it's like a shampoo bag that I now rub all over my head. YES, IT WAS CLEAN BEFORE I DID THIS!

It looks really funky and I hope my house guests (and you, dear reader) don't judge me, because HOLY COW IT WORKS. And now I probably have a few more months of Retread-y goodness. Well, maybe just a few more weeks, but I did this over a month ago, so I have gotten a lot of use out of the little bits I was about to throw away.

Other random hair news:

This morning, I woke up and realized I had forgotten to take a shower last night. How does one forget to do that? I have no idea, but, I did. But I was on my way to physical therapy, so I was going to get a little manky and have to reshower tonight anyway, so I didn't wash my hair. I just got it wet and combed it out.

I didn't even style it, because as soon as I was done seeing the doctor, I was just throwing it into a ponytail to do my therapeutic workout. (Don't you love it when you have a prescription for deep squats? Yeah, me too.)

So, I get there, I look in the mirror, and my un-styled, fake-washed air-dried hair? LOOKED ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Perfectly lightly tousled with some curl at the ends, it looked salon-perfect. And it did it all on it's own.

And then I put it in a ponytail and got all sweaty. Ergh.

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Anonymous said...

My grandfather was notorious for never allowing soap to go to waste. He used to gather all the little bits together and basically just press them together into a bigger bar. (Easier to do if you get the pieces wet beforehand.)